Change. Whether by age or calamity — it’s what Life is. I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t be sad — because we all feel what we feel and that is that. I will tell you that not for one moment in all the time I’ve been reading your posts did I ever entertain the thought that you were less than brilliant. That you were less than gifted. That you were less than 100% completely kick ass story teller. I’m betting you’re way smarter than I am. Hands down. Any damn day of the week my friend. I could probably best you at starting IV’s on humans — we all have our specialities.. and I do have that tequila drinking superpower…but I am shit with numbers. And spelling.

I am so glad you are here with us and sharing your stories. You give me hope that there are someones out there in the world who are wonderful and funny and kind to hang out with for the rest of my life.

True story. Try not to be sad. Try to remember you inspire people. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned