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Every time anything changes Humans lose their shit.

About any change. Anywhere. Any time.

I’m a big NCIS fan. I love me some Gibbs. And years ago in the storyline, they had the chance to change the color of their workspace from that Goddess-awful orange to something more soothing. But they kept the ORANGE. Orange. The color of alerts, emergencies, warnings, and all things which put our senses into hyperdrive in a work environment already saturated with adrenaline rushes.

Because no one wants change. Even if change can make Life better.

I bring up this Human proclivity toward staying stuck in our ruts because all of the writers here on Medium are facing a change in the way we get paid for our work.

Change. Oh, the gnashing of teeth…we hates it we do!!!!

I finally got up the gumption to read over the new rules everyone was so up in arms about and it seems to me there is only one recourse.

We should ask our readers to read slower. Take their time. Ponder our words. Let each sentence sink in. Scroll slowly, but steadily through each piece. Absorb the nuances of the sentence structures — appreciate each post as if it were a Monet or a Van Gough.

Because truly — that’s exactly how and why Humans read blogs. Am I right?

Of course not. I’m joking.

I usually only read stuff which has 5 minutes or less by its title unless Julia E Hubbel writes it. And I don’t even have the ADHD most modern Humans suffer from because I’m about to begin my seventh decade on Planet Earth.

But for the people I follow and read on a regular — I want you to know. From here on out — I will squelch my propensity to speed read through your pieces. I will linger and absorb. I will slow my scrolling down so that the computer does register I am reading your posts. I am willing to do my part with this change for the good of my friends.

In truth, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Humans worry too much. We hurry too much. We should at least be able to sit for a moment and relax. Read and enjoy a cup of coffee and scroll (slowly) through our favorite writers’ stuff.

It would be good for the writer’s wallets — but it would be good for the followers too.


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