A few words on Unconditional Love

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

In days gone by, when I was a younger and sillier version of Ann — not so much Real Ann — I remember nearly every situation in My Life had a “But…” at the end of it.

It went something like this:

“I just love doing XYZ, but…” There was a condition. Always.

My inner critic worked overtime tweaking every damn thing, every damn experience, every damn relationship.

I have slowly — over decades — been able to let go of this habit and turn off the inner voices. Most of the time. It didn’t happen overnight. It only started to happen as I began to understand Unconditional Love.

When my daughters were born — I felt a love so powerful I knew nothing would ever come close.

Until the day I became a grandmother. Times three. Each and every time I am with my granddaughters — I sink into complete bliss. I know Divine Love feels exactly like this.

This is how The Universe loves us. Without conditions. We only need to exist and we are loved. And thus we become Love.

In mindfulness meditation, you are asked to extend blessings to All Beings. Including those you love, those you barely know, those you dislike, All. The. Beings. Everywhere. Including yourself.

And just like that — with the extension of Unconditional Love to our own body and soul — we find it so much easier to Love life just as it is. No more ‘but…” No more conditions. No more inner critic.

Just our life. Right here. Right now. In all it’s beauty and glorious chaos.

Love was the answer, it never mattered what the question was — or who was asking it.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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