Love Languages — He Speaks To Me With Fresh Flowers

We are putting blocks in place. Slowly — one at a time. I see the structure starting to take form. A foundation. There are things we just know about each other now. It feels stable and firm. Comfortable. Reliable. Safe. Unique.

We have carefully constructed a history since he first asked me out over a year ago. Slowly — every so slowly — laying each block with care. We have added memory after memory — inside jokes, pet names, favorite places, routines, and a few adventures.

When I look back at this relationship we have built, I am shocked at how quickly the time went by, how well we did, how far we have come and how comfortable this feels.

The fact we are still happily laying bricks is itself a miracle. We smile at each other a lot. Occasionally one or the other of us will pinch ourselves. People around us tell we are adorable, and then make fake retching noises.

We are both Real grown ups, believers in Karma and avoiders of drama. Seekers of shelter, peace, joy, and happiness in a world of chaos. I can’t tell you what the cement is that holds the bricks together for us — when in other relationships it all fell apart.

It just works.

Maybe part of it is that Love Language business, or mutual respect for the way our personality enneagrams operate. Or perhaps its the way my Sagittarius stars align with his Virgo ones. Or it could be maturity, or the work we have in common, or being parents, or any number of other things.

Or it could be all of them.

My best guess is this. He’s just a really nice man. And I’m just a really lucky lady.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned