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I signed up for a free online lecture series this week on a website called Lion’s Roar. Some of my favorite meditation teachers were speakers and FREE!

The Universe had obviously shared my email address with exactly the folks who needed to find me. I love that about Her.

So for the last few days, I’ve listened to Buddhist wisdom about These Days. I’ve felt The Truth of it all seep into my bones and roll around in my heart. I’ve felt every cell in my being stand up and cheer. I’ve shed a few tears as my grief bubbled to the surface and floated away.

So much wisdom. So much comfort. So much peace.

For in These Days — we are gifted with unprecedented times. Yes, I said gifted.

We are called to examine our lives in unprecedented ways. Every part of our lives.

As well as our systems. All — Our — Systems. Political. Educational. Medical. Social. Industrial. Spiritual. All. The. Things.

We are on notice to let go of what needs to go to make room for what needs to come.

Attachment to The Old Ways of being will only lead to more suffering. And as I look around, I know there is already too much suffering.

It is my J.O.B. in the here and the now to recognize the fear and grief. In myself and in all beings. It is my J.O.B. in the here and the now to de-escalate the suffering. In myself and in all beings. It is my J.O.B. to live as peace-filled, as love-filled as possible and to spread those vibes out into the here and now. For myself and for all beings.

As I listened to Roshi Joan Halifax speak in the final lecture today about examination of The Old Ways of being and the opportunity to birth a New Compassionate World Order — she said one thing that so rang true for me.

She said: “I know that I was born for these days.”

So was I. And so were you. All of us who are living in this Now are not here by happenstance. Rule#39 — There is no such thing as a coincidence. (Leroy Jethro Gibbs).

We will survive These Days — in some way, shape, or form. How we survive them is completely up to us as a people.

Do we hold space for each other with kindness, love, and compassion? Or do we sink into fear and suffereing.

Do we cling to The Old Ways which no longer serve us or the planet?

To love each other without conditions is radical stuff. To look at another being and exchange yourself with them nearly impossible in The Old Ways. Compassion was earned. Love was measured. Kindness the trademark of fools.

These Days have given us the chance to rewrite the old rules for our entire existence. And for generations who follow.

I choose Compassion, Love, and Kindness. Always. Every time.

What do you choose?


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