Both my kids have nick names. And their nick names can be male or female. I kinda liked that about their ‘real’ names. My granddaughters know my name because they will occasionally use it on my address when they write to me. However, Nana Litts gets a lot of mail too. We are pen pals — all 3. All my grandchildren have nicknames. My oldest only gets her Real Name used when she’s in trouble. My middle granddaughter has a nickname that just doesn’t work — most of us call her by her full name. It’s just not her — too diminuative and overtly Princess-like. She plays field hockey & rides a skateboard. My youngest grandchild has a nickname that just Mommy & her sisters use. I call her a different nickname. But they all love my favorite nickname for any/all of The Magical Creatures — I call them Angel. Because they are.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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