Because they just sit there as 'being worked on' for exactly 2 weeks and then are moved to the 'not distributed in topics' category. I'm assuming they have automated the process and have an algorithm which kicks pieces over to real Humans for review for curration. The last piece I got curated was in May and prior to that there was 2 months of pretty much the same thing. When one of my pentinas got kicked up to a currator to be currated - that same currator must have gone back to read my other stuff because after that one got currated - several 'not distributed in topics' were pulled from the vault & their category changed to 'distributed'. But apparently I'm not using enough key words or phrases or more likley not having the correct grammatical format in place to catch the computer's sorting eye. I write the same way I speak. I am not an English major - I'm a nurse. :)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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