Photo by Kees Streefkerk on Unsplash

As old as time,The Ocean sings Her Song. Next to Her constant movement I feel calm and still.

Like a lullaby The Ocean soothes me. She brings me back to the place of my birth. Of the birth of All Things.

The salt water in my cells respond to Her call. Humans are sixty percent water and all of that in me recognizes my kinship to Her. My heart knows ions ago, we began here, emerged from this womb.

The human notion of time ceases. The tides are all that matter. High to Low and back again. The surf repeats its dance with the shore pulled by the moon engaged by forces invisible to the human eye. Proof of The Oneness of Nature -Of Us All.

Long after I am gone from this Life — The Ocean will continue to play Her Melody for All Who Listen. She will continue to bind All The Forces of Life into cohesion. She will continue to nurture and soothe All.

The Ocean keeps no time but Her Own. She is Ageless. She is Vast. She is Life.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned