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The big difference between a default setting and custom setting on any device you own is this one thing — choice.

A default setting is something someone else decided on and you have just gone along with it because it’s easy. You haven’t really pondered if you actually liked this setting or not. You’ve just been too lazy to open the manual or Google the directions to figure out what other options are out there.

How many people live their lives on the default settings?

How many people do what they do just because they’ve always done it?

How many people live their lives unconsciously without intention?

We never realize we have a choice. We can change the settings on our life with just a little bit of effort. We can change the view, the wall paper, the sound track, the ring tone of our very existence. Everything about our world is a choice. A deliberate choice. Our choice.

What would you change if you could change something about your life? Would you change your job? Your living situation? Your relationship status? Maybe you would erase a few tiresome bodies from the mix? Or you could lay down a track or two of kindness, intention, charity, faith, love and weave it into the back ground music which plays in your soul.

The choice is always yours. Break out your manual. Tune your dials until you find the setting that work for you. Scroll through the options until you have found everything that fits.

And never ever be afraid of the updates. Updates are vital. They keep us healthy and secure. They help us let go of what needs to go so we have room for what needs to come.

Choose joy. Choose love. Choose kindness. Choose faith — however that may look and feel to you.

Then watch and see what other sort of good things pick up on your vibes and arrive into your life.

But it all starts with changing the default settings. Deliberately and daily.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned