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Yep — Its Purple

I have purple hair. I’ll let you in on a very well kept secret. Purple is NOT my natural hair color. Nope. I did that on purpose a couple years ago and I continue to do it because I like it.

I never thought of myself as a purple hair person, until the day two summers ago I when was sitting in my cousin’s kitchen — post family reunion. She dared me to let her dye my hair. In my family most of the women have dyed their hair some rainbow color or another. My cousin had a whole pallette to choose from. My middle grand daughter happened to be on the phone with me at the time and she decided on purple — so we went with that.

I was initiated into the Tribe.

It looked great.

My hair stylist took up the cause and added a lovely ‘plum’, then ‘plum’ plus ‘jam’. Now we go with a bit of ‘’pink’, plus ‘plum’ and ‘jam’ for a really great rich looking effect. He does a stunning job of making my purple hair look naturally purple.

Ponder what dark magic that is. He is truly a gift from the Gods.

I’ve had purple hair so long, I forget I have it. Until someone compliments me. And I get compliments all the time. The rest of my hair is gray, but people don’t remember that, they remember the woman with the purple hair.

The nice young man at my pharmacy. My favorite bartender at the wing joint. Waiters at the Italian restaurant on the corner. Today it was the cashier at my grocery store. People remember me and my purple hair.

Complete strangers are not afraid to start a conversation with me. It always starts with — I love your hair! But it’s not about my hair — it’s about the fact that I’m not afraid to have purple hair. I’m not afraid to go to the pharmacy, or the bar, or the Italian joint, or the grocery store… with purple hair.

Sometimes I arrive on a motorcyle. Double whammy!

People seem to appreciate boldness. Because you have to be a little badass to walk around at fifty eight years old — with purple hair. I’m not sure if the purple helps the attitude or the attitude helps me carry off the hair. It probably doesn’t really matter at this point — the two are so intertwined.

A strange thing happens to you when you begin to transform yourself into Real You. You stop being concerned with what other people think. When you begin to feel the right fit in your skin, your appearance, your thought processes, your relationships — you know you are walking on the right path — your path. The opinions of others becomes less important.

It makes me smile when I’m complimented on my chosen hairstyle/color. Everyone loves a compliment, truly. However, purple hair is more about recognizing that I am no longer the woman I was. I have put on my war paint to face this part of my life — my Crone years. I embrace the remainder of my life boldly. With joy.

And Purple seems like the best color to convey that.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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