Baby I’m Coming Home…

Photo by Erik Nyberg on Unsplash

I walked into my home last night, pulling my carry-on behind me and felt it all fall away. I looked around at All Things Familar. And the sigh of relief came unbidden from my heart.

I am not a possessions kind of gal by a long shot. Not even close, but after a week of ‘awayness’ even when that includes people who bend over backwards to see to your every need, fabulous food, breathtaking blue water, and pristine tropical beaches…home is still a magic place.


I love to travel, but I love to come home. Home to my creature comforts which I never even realize I miss — until I hold them in my hands again. Like my the taste of my own coffee, the smell of my own sheets, the feel of my own bed, and the quiet of my own space.

I am a loner by nature and vacationing any where usually involves way more peopling than I chose on a regular. Last night — sitting alone my room — music playing (of my choice — man, I missed my blues) was nirvana. I had a beer and toasted all The Powers That Be who brought me the gift of my vacation and then in turn returned me safely and gratefully home to my world.

There were a couple moments on my vacation — when I was tired and irritated that I was not my best self — and The Universe slam dunked my attitude and reminded me of Her Truth… Life Is An Echo. When I was calm and peaceful and in the flow — all was well. When I was bitchy and unkind — She demonstrated to me that everyone has their own demons they struggle with. And most people’s crosses are far worse than mine.

I saw a lot on this trip that humbled me. We went to the islands which are still in recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria from last season. Living in the United States, you become accustomed to safety nets. I’ve lived in North Carolina for over twenty years now and seen plenty of hurricane damage. Hurricanes are so common here — we named our NHL team after them.

But the people in the Caribbean live without safety nets. The Red Cross presence and the largess of the corporations who do business there are the foundation of their world in worst case scenarios. In many areas where 5 star hotels stood — there is rubble which looks more like a war zone than a vacation destination. And yet — they are rebuilding. Because this is HOME.

Home is where you lay your roots and raise your family. It is all things familiar and safe, even when it isn’t safe. Home is a piece of your heart planted in space and time — and you sow it with love.

Another hurricane season starts June first. If you are so inclined to financially help the people of the Caribbean, find a charity you are comfortable with and donate what ever you can. If you are planning a vacation — please choose an island that needs your tourism dollars. The beaches and water are as beautiful as ever and the people kind and appreciative of your patronage in their time of reconstruction.

But mostly — send your good vibes and prayers out that this season will grant them a reprieve. Because the Caribbean also needs time. Time without more storms to heal. Time with peaceful winds and gentle breezes. Time to make home look like home again.




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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