As long as free speech is recognized so that everyone gets to speak their mind — even the haters. Right? Because if everyone isn’t free — no one is free. I remember when I was young and dinosaurs roamed the planet — there was a saying I still love today.

I may not agree with you, but I will defend — to the death — you’re right to say that. (whatever ‘that’ may be)

Right now — people are just shouting each other down & calling each other names. And like I said — if you tell me a truth about myself — I’m ok with it.

I am an Old Angry White Woman. And BTW — a pretty damn good shot myself. Let’s not lose the narrative — liberals own guns and love the second amendment too.

Wouldn’t it be something if we could find a thing that unites us instead of looking at every issue — EVERY issue as an ‘us vs them’ proposition?

I’ve lost life long friends, people who I thought knew me & loved me — over a divide in political views. People with whom I used to have heated political debates and then have a beer with — because it used to just be a debate. No harm no foul. We were still friends.

Not any more. We have ceased to see each other’s humanity. It is only The Thing.

It is so sad. Don’t you think? We, The People. All of us. It’s ALL of us. And you’re right — when we’re on the same page and working together — we rock. There is no other people like us. In the after math of 9/11 or more recently the Hurricanes that affected Houston — I was so moved by the humanity, compassion, and dignity we are capable of.

In the same breath — Puerto Rico — an American territory — AMERICANS, are still struggling against brutal conditions without aid. And are at times blamed for their own predicament. And then I am not so proud to be an American — when I face my Puerto Rican co-worker who still worries about the conditions her family ‘at home’ lives in.

It is hard to reconcile it all. Kindness and love — I believe are the answers. But I struggle with them in a country that doesn’t seem to appreciate me or my contributions. That now sees love and compassion as a weakness.

And that just kind of pisses me off.

I think we basically come from the same place, George. I appreciate all your concise and balanced comments more than I can say. Thank you so much for weighing in with intelligence and kindness. It is very enjoyable to engage in a discussion with someone that stays just that. A discussion. A mature exchange of ideas. A true gift in these times. I thank you for that.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned