As a witch and a yogini — I quite disagree. The reason we have found ourselves in this fix is because Humans long ago abandoned our inner knowing and intuition and gave more validation to our logic.

Women, in particular, were labeled as ‘mad’ or ‘emotional’ and our ‘instincts’ were discounted. Completely — in sum — by western culture.

I read the article. But the writer had lost me because what they were saying did not ring true for my personal experience.

As a nurse. As a woman. As a mother. As a witch. As a yogi.

Again — when you seek to put Humans into groups and label them — and their responses — you remove the Humanity from Humans.

Humans who meditate. Humans who practice loving kindness. Humans who have a deep religious or spiritual practice. Humans who accept change because they realize Life is change and they cannot control it. Humans who are not overweight or living on 17 prescription medications. Humans who eat healthy diets or are vegetarians or vegans. Humans who…

The list is endless of the ways we are capable of adaptations. Of becoming whole. Of finally listening to our instincts.

Because THAT is the only way to make a better society for ALL The Humans.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned