As a nurse — I’ve had a hard time some days letting good enough stand. I’ve Read your struggle with spending hours on pieces. It’s hard to birth them but if you get in the flow — let it stand. The Universe will tell you and you’ll know.

Curation is good. But you have a decent following. Your readers will read your stuff and you may find sone of yourself most profitable pieces were not curated after all. I’ve had great months being curated but the month I hade the best check from Medium only 4 of my pieces were curated. I remind myself of this and remember The Universe takes the message to who needs it and if I live in abundance- I will always have what I need.

Ignore what others are doing. Just as you formed your own practice as a nurse — you will find your own writing voice. Being authentically you will be the piece which brings readers to your work.

Don’t work at it. Relax into it. Your readers are your friends. They want to know you. Real Michelle. Not the chick who’s working to be something but the Human who is.

Tell your story. We are all waiting to hear it. ♥️ much love.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned