Any woman who wouldn’t understand why you were late — is too young in her soul to waste time with.

But then — those are the lessons we learn from being in All. The. Relationships. That don’t work out. To see who people are sooner and believe our own eyes and pay attention to the warnings.

The Universe was giving you the reason not to be there every bit as powerful as “my flight is delayed”. And more because delayed flights are so common but migrating tarantulas are epic!!

I have learned to arrive right on time. Even when the rest of the world assumes I’m late. Because it is in that you will see what you need to see about a situation.

And make no mistake- I really. Really. Hate being late. so this is a huge challenge for me.

I’m sure the spiders forgave you. They had lessons to learn as well. And karma to settle. Who knows? Some of them might have been re-birthed magnificently. 😉

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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