Anna — this was such a great post. You know I adore your poetry. I also love it when you share a story with us.

I didn’t wear ‘pants’ to school until 6th grade. And then we could only wear ‘pants suits’. I lived in NE PA. It was so cold in the winter — even inside. Leotards didn’t cut it to keep you warm. Women perpetually suffer for fashion’s sake.

When I graduated from high school even in 1977 my career choices were: teacher, secretary, nurse.

My two daughters have been: a VP of a health care company, a college professor, and assistant director of community arts center. They both currently have Masters degrees and own their own businesses.

My granddaugters can be…anything. Astronauts. Fighter pilots. Stuntwomen. Race car drivers.


All thanks to your Mom. Please share my gratitude with her — for my daughters’ present and for my granddaughters’ future. The one she worked so hard to provide for all the future generations of women. ❤

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned