And now — from a cow of a different color. I grew up on a farm in rural PA. We grew/named/butchered/ate our own food. My Aunt would put the name of the beef on the package in the freezer. I cannot make this up. Several of my cousins knew how to kill chickens with their bare hands. We all knew how to butcher a deer. Everyone hunted.

However — we were stewards of the land. Animals were cared for and revered because they were a source of nutrition and vital to survival. Everyone also had a garden, a root cellar & knew how to can.

We were the orginial survivialists before it was hip.

I don’t eat beef these days because I use my wallet to support the industries I feel deserve my business. Feed lots and worse — turning cows out on federal lands and killing the creatures who belong there — lose you my business. I will buy local pork and chickens from a few small farms who grow them with the same stewardship my Aunt & Uncle had.

The Earth is not inherited from our parents — it is loaned to us from our children.

❤ Thank you Gail — for a wonderful post with a positive spin on mindful consumption. You rock!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned