All that you say is absolutely true James. I was an oncology nurse navigator at my last position before I retired. I set a lot of patients up with hospice care & the hospice nurses I worked with were amazing Humans. But all of us always advocated for the patient's wishes. As you said - one could change their mind at any time and opt for a new plan of care.

It boggles my mind as well - that other Humans believe they have the right to interfer with a woman's healthcare.

Ironcially - the same institutions that are fighting to deny women the right to choose and who refuse to pay for contraceptives allow loop holes in their coverage for male patients to recieve inflatible penile prosthestics. Tens of thousands of dollars per case - simply so a man can have an erection. Not that I would ever deny any patient a surgical option that improves the quality of their life - but the contrast to the way healthcare is managed according to gender has always unsettled me.

No one makes a man say pretty please father may I before he schedules any medical procedure.

I kinda agree with Bette Midler. Perhaps women just need to stop having sex with men. Abortion and contraception would cease to be an issue if there was no sex and no pregnancies.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned