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Per — respect for all living things and avoidance of violence toward others.

It’s handed down to us from both Buddhism and Yogic traditions. It’s a vibe you carry with you out into the world. It’s a way of being. The closest thing to this philosophy in Christiandom is the spiritual being of The Friends, whose very name is inclusive.

Ahimsa is a two-fold process. It requires ACTIVE participation in Life. You can’t just hide out in your home and not interact with the world. That would just be too easy.

You have to behave respectfully to All. The. Things — Human, Environmental, AND Yourself — that you encounter. All. The. Time. It teaches us The Oneness and interdependence of Our Universe. We all come from Source. Scientists have long recognized the DNA which composes every single living thing on Planet Earth is more alike than different. We all have the same foundation.

You have to behave without violence to All. The. Things. — Human, Environmental, AND Yourself — that you encounter. All. The. Time. Anger, hate, physical and emotional abuse only spiral you further down the rabbit hole of your own destruction.

Many people believe these principles help make Planet Earth a better place. But the deeper truth is practicing Ahimsa makes the person practicing a more balanced Human. In doing this, one can go forward in Life with a different vibe — a different perspective.

Just changing the way we interact in our day to day existence brings about an astounding metamorphosis in Our Lives. Drama is no longer attracted to us. Peace replaces anger and angst. Love finds us over and over again.

And suddenly — slowly our piece of Planet Earth does become a better place.

We can never know for certain the ripples Our Lives send out into the lives of others. But we can rest assured knowing they are there — those ripples for good or for worse. If we chose to send out ripples of Ahisma, we stand a better chance of those ripples eventually changing the whole of Planet Earth into a place we would want our grandchildren to inhabit.


“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” — Alice May

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