Actually — my notion is not based on that at all. You assume I have never been ‘poor’. Never lived pay check to pay check. Never stood in bankruptcy court. Never applied for public assistance. Never been without health insurance. Never lived in a mobile home in a mobile home park. Never felt the grace of The Universe bless me when I accidentally got hot dogs placed in my grocery bag from the shopper ahead of me.

Never been in the position where I understood — every penny I ever earned would not buy my child’s life.

Never been in the position where I knew money would could not bring back a loved one who died

Never been in the position to realize money is just numbers on a computer screen which disappear with the whims of unseen ‘people’ on a street in NYC.

And if I wanted to build a Life that was Rich and Abundant — I had better start using a different ‘currency’ than the one the world told me was imporant.

Because I have been in ALL of those positions. And Money was not what saved me. Money was not what brought me peace. Money was a lie.

In a kind and compassionate society — we would take care of each other. We would not blame the poor for being poor as we do today. Lack of resources is viewed as a personal fault — rather than a life circumstance. Because our society has placed Money at the top of the pyramid — made the pursuit of it winning. Only the swift and the strong ‘succeed’. The rest scramble in the dirt for scraps thrown to us — if those at the ‘top’ feel generous.

All you say is true. What I’m saying is this — Take the focus off Winning The Money. Focus on the shit that IS important. People may think they have to work two jobs to provide for bull shit extra stuff to keep up with the Jones — when really what their family wants is TIME with them.

Where is your FOCUS?

And when I was down in it — ‘poor’ — going to garage sales to try to get my kids Christmas presents — sewing their clothes — making one chicken last 3 meals for 4 Humans — what was my attitude? What I grateful for the blessings in my Life? For my health? For the health of my family? For the gifts that I had? Or was I bitter and attached to the ‘more/better/always wanting’ attitude of my over culture?

When did I look at My Life like the Gift is always was? The Love it contained?

Because you can’t buy that.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned