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Last year I left a J.O.B. It was a job I loved. With people I adored. They weren’t just co-workers — they were friends, a support system, My People. They were the best part of My Life on a lot of days.

It was a J.O.B. I knew I was uniquely suited for. I am aces at holding boundaries, yet able to still ‘be there’ as one of my very dearest friends pointed out to me just last night. It’s a gift built from my own life experience.

In nursing though, burn-out happens. It’s a fact of life for all of us. It comes later if management is wise. If staffing is good. If the survival-mode-dog-eat-dog attitude is absent and there is trust across the board.

Somewhere along the way, my former J.O.B. had morphed into the perfect burn-out shit storm. The Universe had been nudging me for about a year to go. The day came when She finally had enough and made staying so damn uncomfortable I was out of choices. I had to leave.

And that’s the way of it, isn’t it? Human nature. Another most excellent nursing friend shared this pearl:

“We leave when leaving is easier than staying. And that goes for everything. All relationships — work, people, homes. Everything.”

My Medium pal Julia E Hubbel wrote a completely beautiful love story to the home she is leaving. Because now, after months of soul-searching, leaving is easier than staying. If you read the story — you will understand just how difficult her leave-taking is.

In the year since I left my old position as an OR nurse — many of my closest friends have followed suit. A few had left before me. We are all still in touch because these are the kind of friends I have. Forever Friends.

The most fascinating part of this story comes now. The painful, hard decision to walk away from a J.O.B. which was slowly killing us — emotionally and spiritually and most assuredly ruining our health — turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Hands down to a man and woman.

Yet, we all voice the same chant whenever when we recall the angst involved regarding our final decision to take flight.

“I knew I had to get out. But I loved the work, my co-workers, the patients, the docs..,”

If allowed — Our Ego — the part of us who hates change more than anything on the face of the planet — will attempt to talk us down off the ledge. Every. Single. Time. She will give us all the reasons to stay. She will whisper scary things about starting over and the uncertainty of Our Lives if we listen to Our Soul. And then — Her final trick — She uses Love against us. The Love we have for others as a weapon pitted against the Love we should also hold for our own well being.

When I reflect on the last year of My Life, I thank Goddess over and over for Her intervention. For in my case, She literally threw me out of the plane and laughed as I realized I was — in fact — wearing a parachute. She waved at me from above as I settled neatly into a perfect four-point landing completely on target. Right where I belonged. Just exactly in the very spot I was meant to land.

It should have been something I learned a long time ago. When The Universe opens the hatch — go ahead and JUMP!


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