Working together or dying alone

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I live in NC — where college sports are king. I have seen even functional and rational adults disintegrate into shouting mobs under the flag of ‘Fandom’.

As I looked at the election results this morning — premature though they may be — one fact came home to roost.

We are a house divided.

There is a helva lot of Americans on both sides of the aisle. And for whatever reasons — they are voting their conscience. They are voting for what they perceive their future and their family’s future requires of them. With passion.

And like any house divided — we have started to crumble from within.

The Universe in Her great, good Wisdom is teaching us how to play together. She is giving us a glimpse of what it looks like to be the parent of squabbling siblings. That point in time where you throw your hands up — put the kids in the same room and tell them, “Do not come out until you sort it out. I am not your referee.”

I used to do the same thing back in the day to my kids.

I abandoned them to their own devices to teach them a lesson. And the lesson was simple. Learn to compromise. Learn to respect someone who doesn’t have the same exact vision as you do as to how the game is played. Change the rules if you have to — because it is more important to play the game together than to sit it out alone.

The fact that I am not a fan-girl annoys Humans from The Right. They are very infatuated with 45 and behave in a way they believe will get them the back-stage passes to his inner circle.

The fact that I am not a fan-girl annoys Humans from The Left. They are infatuated with the old system. They want a return to a recent past we have lost forever. No one is playing The Oldies anymore.

None of them are recognizing that we are equally divided — AND in the throes of a Civil War.

Because Americans do love a good war. Both sides of the aisle. No exceptions. We are a blood-thirsty lot and always have been.

As I look at the nearly complete 50/50 divide among American voters — I can smell Kali’s fire. Our society, our Great American Dream is about to go up in smoke.

We had a good run — but of late — we’re a hot mess. We’ve grown aggressive and hostile and paranoid. As a people. All. The. Things that historically bring a civilization crashing down.

Perhaps it’s past time that we all just stand back and let this motherfucker burn? Perhaps it’s past time that we all just stand back and see what Kali grows in the aftermath? Perhaps it’s past time that we all just stand back and let go of ‘our vision’ and allow Nature to take its course?

Change will come. It always does. Americans have been the self-righteous assholes of the world for as long as I can remember. And I’m pretty old.

It was only a matter of time before we turned on each other again.

We have a choice — as always. What is our next move as Americans?

Do we come together, compromise, make a truce so that the system functions again? Or do we keep fighting this civil war and allow the system to die a long-overdue death?

Do we start to understand we are all committed to a better life for our children? Or do we keep focusing on our differences as to how we get to this future?

Either way — none of this will be easy. But then, it never has been. We’ve just been bigger, stronger, more obnoxious, and better armed than the rest of the world. We thought we were invincible. Our wealth and privilege made us cocky bastards.

The Universe has put America — all of us — in time-out. In our rooms. Until we can learn how to play nice together again. And just like every Mother, everywhere — She doesn’t give a damn about ‘who started it’.

Que the screaming tantrums and stomping feet.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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