Thoughts from a professional masker

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As a former OR nurse, I just don’t see what the big deal is. I worked 40+ hours a week, in a mask. For most of my nursing career. With asthma.

It’s not like anyone is taking away our guns. Goddess Forbid!

I know for a fact masks work to prevent the transmission of our germs from one being to another. That’s why we wear them in operating rooms. Everywhere. Globally. Because they work.

We wear masks to protect our patients. For many days before any symptoms emerge— we are all carriers. Of anything we…

It’s not about vengeance after all

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When I started looking deeper into the philosophies behind my yoga and meditation practice, I learned about Karma. The real and true meaning of the energy.

Karma is defined by as:

the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

Karma can be immediate or take a long time to percolate. However, it is always neutral — just as destiny is neither good nor evil. It simply is. Karma doesn’t seek justice on…

Sharing your practice

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I have had a daily yoga practice for over twenty years. I began yoga as a means to relieve the symptoms of peri-menopause, however, yoga did much more than help my body adjust to its new cocktail of hormones. Yoga helped my mind and my soul join my body in The Now.

Both my daughters have practiced yoga on and off since they left home. When I visited my older daughter in New England in 2019 — she signed us up for an aerial yoga class. This type of yoga was a brand new experience for both…

Muscle memory

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So many skills we have as adults are mere muscle memory. As I sit at my computer and type this — the words flow seamlessly from my mind to my fingers to my screen. No thought was given to the ‘how’ of my typing.

During this visit with my family, I have been teaching The Magical Creatures how to knit. The youngest has taken to it like a duck to water — I envision her previous life as a master weaver in the Middle Ages. Her hands remember what to do seemingly with very little instruction. …

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July 2017:

It’s been three months since I sat in her office. Today I went back for a check-up and to formulate a plan to keep me from becoming so desperately ill in the future.

I’m doing pretty good, back to baseline as they say. I got a peak flow meter today as a better guide to my lung function than the previous meter I was using (if I got short of breathing going DOWN a set of stairs — I knew I was in trouble).

But it all reminds you of The Thing.

The Thing you have that your…

Intimacy: prompt

All. The. Intimacies.

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The word Intimacy often gets thrown around when Humans talk about the relationships they have with their mates. Again, Humans are animals at our baseline and the hormonal drive to reproduce has led our society down a path where we only focus on the physical. But Intimacy can be so much more than making love with our bodies.

Acamelia Deadwiler, M.S. discusses four types of “Intimacy That Exist (Besides Sex)” in her article linked here. She, again, focuses on the application of Intimacy to romantic partners. However, just like a loving-kindness practice — we can gradually expand…

Vending Machine: prompt

Everyone must get stoned.” — Bob Dylan

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He stared blankly at the refurbished vintage cigarette vending machine.

So. Many. Choices. So. Many. Colorful. Packages.

In the end, like most smokers, his decision was influenced by his peer group and aesthetics. He put his credit card in the chip reader and made his selection.

As he walked away he pulled out his lighter and lit up, completely ignoring the “No Smoking” sign prominently posted over the machine.

He inhaled and smiled. It tasted just like he remembered. He could almost hear Bob Dylan playing in the background.

Life, in general, was…

A gift brewed with Love

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So many times as we age, we become unmoored. If we defined ourselves by certain traits or characteristics — we can lose great huge pieces of who we were/are. Who are we if we are no longer a nurse? Who are we if we no longer have a calendar full of events? Who are we if we lack a to-do list? Who are we if our bodies change with Time?

Are we still Relevant?

In the past few months, I have been given many gifts: Freedom, loss of anxiety/stress, and peace. Retirement is like that…

Times Three

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I haven’t been writing much in February. I’m still here. However, I am spending February with The Magical Creatures. And as much as I love to write, My Muse just can’t compete with that.

I know how very blessed I am. My Muse knows that as well and seems happy to sit on the sidelines for a bit.

What I have noticed in the last two weeks, with My Muse sitting quietly aside, was that I lost my hustle. And I don’t miss it. I don’t think My Muse even misses it.

Perhaps part of this situation is…

Finding a Tribe — becoming a writer

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July 2017:

I started writing on Medium back in May (2017). It was an experiment and I believe a lot of Humans on this platform start that way, testing the waters of our creativity.

I had toyed with the idea of blogging for some time but never took the leap until I started writing here. And then in June, I committed to simply writing something every day. Practice makes perfect…or perfecter. Everything I ever got good at — that’s how it happened. It made perfect sense to just begin and do it.


Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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