Living without Fear

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The Unknown can be a pretty terrifying experience. Twenty-eight years ago — when my daughter had a liver transplant and a post-transplant year fraught with complications — The Future was a very scary place.

As it is for nearly all of my cancer patients.

Does tomorrow bring a turning point? And will that turning point lead to healing or suffering? Will we live in this limbo, this hell forever? What can I do/say/intention to control where this runaway train is heading? Where the hell are the brakes?!?

Back in those days — twenty-eight years ago — I had a poster on my kitchen wall. I had always found comfort in words, quotes. Little did I realize back then — the words on that poster would begin my spiritual journey deep into Uncertainty — past The Unknown — to peace. Peace being a completely foreign concept to someone, like me, who had lived with anxiety for the whole of their lives. …


Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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