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I Love these things. You all can put me down as Most Likely To Respond. I love everything about them. I love reading other people’s and I love participating. Because this stuff gives you pause. It makes you ponder Your Life. Thank you Austin Briggman for tagging me!

Where were you when you heard The Song? What about the lyrics touch you? Is it just the beat you love best? Soo many questions!!

So here we go — with a brief — very brief — of why these 9 made the grade for me

#1. American Pie — Don McLean

This is the history of Rock & Roll set to music. Layers and layers set to a great tune. When I was a dating kind of girl — I used it as a screening tool. “Tell me kind sir — Do you know all the words to American Pie?” If the poor guy replied with “What? Isn’t that a movie?” or the first line to the chorus — we were done talking. A girl has to have standards after all.

#2. Mercedes Benz — Janis Joplin

This one is sheer nostalgia. My cousin & I used to sing this when we would ride horses into the woods — get wasted — and count on the horses to be our DD’s to get us home safe & sound. Everyone — Every. One. needs A Good Old Fashioned I Used To Get High To This Song in their memory banks.

#3. Doctor My Eyes — Jackson Browne

This was The Start My Day In The OR every single Friday. We would put it on (CDs in those days) crank the shit out of it and set up for a case. The scrub & I belting it out along with Jackson. The doctors in the room smirking beneath their masks. Good Times. My favorite scrub just messaged me on FB the other day because she heard it on the radio IN CANADA where she is now living and had to share. We worked together over 10 years ago — but the memory remains.

#4. I Am The Fire — Halestorm

Actually — close your eyes and point — anything with Lizzy Hale’s name on it will work. But the message with this song is fabulous. TURN IT UP, Bitches! “I am not afraid…”

#5. Anthem — Leonard Cohen

I love this live version specifically. And Leonard as he grew up. I fell in love with him. Yes — it’s true — I’m in love with an 82-year-old ghost. I finally found My Type.

#6. Night Train — Amos Lee

Amos Lee is my go-to blues guys. He is My-Every-Night-Pandora-Station. This song is my favorite of his. “There is a certain time of night now — I become one with the wind. There isn’t a beginning & there is no end. When everything is floating — everything is on time. And I know we’re all going to the end of the line.”

#7. What’s Your Name? — Lynryd Skynyrd

Because everyone needs a sordid past. #noregrets.

#8. Nothing Else Matters — Metallica

Again — specifically this cut. Live from the S&M album. They played with The San Francisco Symphony. Metal is awesome. More awesome Live. BEST awesome with a full orchestra behind it.

#9. Colder Weather — Zac Brown Band

“Born for Leaving” — I’ve been on both sides of that equation. I’ve been a Lover and a Runner. I don’t want you — but I need you. That pretty much is All. The. Things. Right there. Set to music

Have fun examining my twisted psyche now that you have my picks. There’s a bit of something for everyone — I’d imagine. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in participating consider yourself tagged! However, I’d really love to see these folks — Dick Millet, Jeff Barton, Lori McCray, Julia E Hubbel, White Feather, Jim Fritzen post their faves! Come on & play!


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