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Myth busted…

A couple of days ago I celebrated turning The Big Six O. Can you hear the drum roll?

I mean, truly, in many people’s heads that is exactly what happens. There is an attachment to a certain birthday.

That is The Year.

They are going to get their shit together.

They are going to finally do The Thing.

They are going to Be Old.

They are going to Find Love.

Pick a dream or a dread — it’s there. Lurking in the minds and hearts of Humans.

For me — it was a great birthday. Celebrated with great Humans. People who have loved and supported me from near and far. I felt their kndness and their joy. I received good wishes and blessings in every form of communication you can imagine.

My Life is chock full of very very Good Humans.

And it is moments like this which remind me of that fact.

But I was also reminded of this same fact when I was hospitalized a couple of months ago.

Love finds us. Love celebrates us. Love supports us.

In our Joys and our Hurts.

The very same Humans who were toasting my good health on December 17th were checking in on that very same health in September post-hospital discharge.

The very same Humans who were feeding me my favorite cake at my birthday party bring me food when I’m shut in and down with an asthma exacerbation.

The very same Humans giving me hugs and holding me tight in joy and celebration give me hugs and hold me tight in mourning and despair.

Yes, 60 feels just like 59 did. Because I am blessed with the very same Humans to share My Life on both sides of The Day I Turned The Big Six O.

Their gifts of Love come every day — without needing any kind of reason to arrive.

I only have to exist.

When you understand this truth — the truth that Love is not earned. Love is not bought. Love is not a reward for good behavior.

Real Love is a gift freely given between Humans.

Only when can you begin to understand what Love is. And then, you can begin to Love yourself as well. No matter what ‘age’ you are.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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