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It’s harder than you think. Thanks, Jim Fritzen for this challenge.

I am also going to skip over the people in My Life I love — you all know who you are. It would be redundant to list them here. Most of my readers could tell you who they are in fact because Love is Love is Love. And they all show up routinely in my writing.

So All. The. Things: Here we go — in no particular order:

  1. The Beach. Particularly North Carolina Beaches followed closely by Caribbean Beaches.
  2. Yoga.
  3. Riding my motorcycle
  4. Reading and/or writing
  5. Walking. In the desert, in the forest, on the beach, in a labyrinth. Moving meditation.
  6. Sushi
  7. Cold beer from a really stellar microbrewery.
  8. Good tequila and/or good whiskey.
  9. Good — HOT — coffee with half & half
  10. Breakfast
  11. Sleeping in late
  12. Christmas
  13. Wolves — they are my spirit animal — I have a tattoo of one
  14. Speaking of — tattoos.
  15. Candles, incense, smudge bundles/sticks & crystals.
  16. Silver jewelry
  17. The Blues — preferably performed live
  18. Dancing — preferably to live music
  19. Rock and Roll — the louder the better. Also, Live (sensing the theme here?)
  20. Ice Cream — banana, peach, & strawberry top the list
  21. Leggings. I may never wear jeans again.
  22. Boots. Every and any kind.
  23. Having gray hair — that I dye purple. Because being eccentric is really the best revenge.
  24. Cats and dogs. I’m a ‘both’ person.
  25. Homemade quilts
  26. My homemade apple pie
  27. snickerdoodle cookies
  28. visiting my kids and grandkids
  29. discovering my oldest sister and I are very much alike — we even both drink tequila and love to travel.
  30. I love to travel. All forms. Airplane, ship, and automobile.
  31. Leather furniture and hardwood floors
  32. The color green — surprised? It’s not purple.
  33. Black and gray clothing
  34. Apple computer and phone products
  35. Pickup trucks
  36. Going out to the movies
  37. Comedy clubs
  38. My J.O.B.
  39. Learning new stuff
  40. The end of the day when everyone is safely tucked into bed.

It’s not a very flamboyant list. But it’s me. Hope you enjoyed a peek into my warped psyche.

So let’s see who’s out there who might not mind playing? How about Jeff Barton, Lori McCray, Julia E Hubbel, Sylvia Clare and Nalini MacNab? Let us know what some of your favorite things are. :)


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