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Today is Saint Patrick’s Day.

In the Myth which is Saint Patrick’s legacy to the world — it is said he drove the Snakes out of Ireland. Snakes — Pagans — Witches. All. The. Things. The Catholic Church holds him up as a paragon and people the world over toast his memory.

Even Witches. Because face it — no one loves a party more than a Good Witch. Well, at least THIS Good Witch.

So — thirteen years ago — when I left the OR (for the first time) to take a J.O.B. as a transplant coordinator — my last day just happened to be Saint Patrick’s Day. A blow out party was planned at Ye Old Neighborhood Sports Pub.

That particular party went down in the annals of history among the participants as The Saint Paddy’s Day Tequila Massacre. Enough said.

The point of this tale is this: Thirteen years. A lot can change in thirteen years.

The biggest change is this — most of those participants — people who were so near and dear to me that I got completely shit-faced drunk with them — are no longer in My Day-To-Day-Life. The coworkers who attended have drifted to other opportunities in Their Lives and for the most part, we’ve lost touch. My kids have grown up, finished college, went on to grad school, gotten married, and moved out of state. My husband and I got divorced. And my friends who were there — some of them moved, some of them drifted, some of them just got busy. Life happened.

Some of the changes were subtle, some were massive and emotionally wretching — but the point here is this: I have a completely different Life than the one I had thirteen years ago. With a different J.O.B. Different address. And different Humans as a support system.

I have a different favorite bar, favorite food, favorite music. I have discovered different hobbies. I even changed my hair color (purple) and the way I drink my coffee (ditched the sugar and milk — switched to half and half because life is short).

I lost My Faith and found it again in an entirely different place.

I have kept the tequila. A woman needs an anchor point in Her Life, after all.

However, my forty-six-year-old self would never recognize who I became. The seeds of her were there all along. I can see this fact in retrospect. I was held in check by my own doubts, fear, and expectations of who I thought I needed to be.

I imagine the next thirteen years will also bring more change. In Life, change is the one thing you can always count on. If we remain stagnant — we do not Live. We may be alive — but we are not LIVING.

As I sit here writing this — in My Now — in this Moment — I am at Peace and Content with The Place I have landed. I am secure in knowing I am not alone on The Path. I never have been.

I will be gifted with who I need — what I need — always. I live in Abundance. Love, Friendship, Kindness, Joy. They have been there through All. The. Things.

Perhaps the faces change. My surroundings change. Even my J.O.B. may change. But I am always Blessed. Always.

May your Saint Patrick’s Day find you surrounded by Love. May your cup runneth over with Joy (and good dark beer!).

And lastly — my very favorite traditional Irish Blessing (author unknown) — found via Google:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


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