The Pirate/Owl & The Witch/Wolf Series

I didn’t begin this story as a series, however, The Pirate/Owl and The Witch/Wolf keep making appearances around here with things to share.

Here is their continuing story — all in one place. More or less in some kind of cosmic order — not in the order I wrote it, however, because The Universe has a great sense of humor.


It’s Thursday. I’ve been assigned to OR 3 with one of my favorite scrub techs. It will be a tough day and I’m relieved to have her.

Thursday in my OR is the day our OB/GYN service has block time to schedule D&Es. To the non-medical personnel out there — abortions. Room 3 is their room. I’m their circulating nurse for the duration.

On this Thursday — we have four cases scheduled and a ‘hold’ spot for the end of the day in case one of their partners sees someone in clinic and there is an emergency. …

Thoughts from a professional masker

As a former OR nurse, I just don’t see what the big deal is. I worked 40+ hours a week, in a mask. For most of my nursing career. With asthma.

It’s not like anyone is taking away our guns. Goddess Forbid!

I know for a fact masks work to prevent the transmission of our germs from one being to another. That’s why we wear them in operating rooms. Everywhere. Globally. Because they work.

We wear masks to protect our patients. For many days before any symptoms emerge— we are all carriers. Of anything we might ‘catch’. From the flu…

It’s not about vengeance after all

When I started looking deeper into the philosophies behind my yoga and meditation practice, I learned about Karma. The real and true meaning of the energy.

Karma is defined by as:

the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

Karma can be immediate or take a long time to percolate. However, it is always neutral — just as destiny is neither good nor evil. It simply is. Karma doesn’t seek justice on…

Music of summer: prompt

Music’s Magic

As I look back on My Life — it seems to me that I nearly always fell in love in summer. My first crush, my husband, The Dying Man, and of course, My Best Friend — they all arrived on the warm, humid winds of summer. And with a soundtrack of some kind playing in the background.

They all accompanied me to various concerts. In bars, indoor venues, and outdoor fields — where ever we went — The Music played. Every single first date involved The Music.

And perhaps — just perhaps — the combination of summer and music weave…

Does anyone really know what time it is?: prompt

The Magic Word

She stared at the wall calendar. A photo of wolves stared back at her. Ever since she retired last year (was it last year?), she had a hard time keeping track of time. Days, weeks, even months escaped her.

This particular morning she searched ‘July’ to sort it all out. She noticed that the year was not listed.


Perhaps this is what it meant to let go of time? To live in a place where time, day, month, year are inconsequential?

She smiled to herself and sat down with a fresh pot of coffee and no place to be.

My very first Medium post

May 2017:

Recently a bit of a health crisis made me cancel my life and rethink not just the way I constructed it, but also the way I interacted with the world. I’m sure I’m not the first person to have this ‘come to Jesus meeting’ with their reality and to find it wanting. The problem I encountered was that previous to this moment, I had thought I was on the right path and moving in the direction The Universe wanted me to go. …

A gift and a mystery

Humans are pack animals. We seek each other out for safety, companionship, comfort. We share resources and build communities. We hold each other up.

We are connected.

In the last week or so — I have been a bystander as several of my friends have lost loved ones. Their pain is palatable even to me — someone who lays no claim to empathy. All I can do is bear witness to their grief.

Whenever Azrael comes calling — the Humans left behind suffer. My BFF and I have been discussing the circumstances around Death. Is it a better, kinder circumstance…

Friends make the world go round

After over a year of isolation, virtual classrooms, and living with The Glitter — The Magical Creatures are emerging back into their social lives. Soccer, lacrosse, and swim teams brought new friends into their sphere of existence. Old friends came for play dates in a carefully orchestrated dance between parents as everyone adjusts back to a world that is safer for their loved ones.

The change in my granddaughters’ day-to-day joy has increased exponentially as they are allowed to interact with their peers. Kids understand instinctively that we need A Tribe.

And so — we follow their lead. Slowly —…

Another gift of retirement

It didn’t happen suddenly. I just recently noticed this gentle creep away from my previous extremely colorful use of All. The. Things. Four-lettered.

I was an OR nurse for much of my career. Swearing well enough to make a sailor blush was part of the job. And I was very, very good at my job. But then, right before the pandemic, I took a position as a case manager. My patients were awake so my tendency towards cussing — at least during business hours — was greatly reduced.

However, my friends were all still working OR nurses. Conversations with them…

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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